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SA Fisheries Museum

Contact Numbers:
022 783 2531
082 849 9251

Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Fridays: 10h00 - 16h00
Saturday: 10h00 - 13h00
Sunday: Closed

Visit www.safisheriesmuseum.co.za for more information
Buffelsgontein-Game-Reserve Buffelsfontein Game & Nature reserve

This once 1 600ha cattle farm came under ownership of Mr Paul Loubser in 1993 who realized the potential of the land to serve as a reserve and tourist destination. In the summer of 2000 Buffelsfontein had a huge set-back with a large destructive fire that destroyed almost everything on the then called cattle farm. This destruction included a high percentage of fencing, building structures, plant and animal life. In the following years Buffelsfontein cattle farm literally stood up from the ashes and transformed into the successful Game & Nature reserve it is today.

Visit www.buffelsfontein.co.za for more information
Tollie's-River-and-Boat-Cruizes Tollie's River and Boat Cruises

Functions, Fun, Birdwatching, Sunset cruises on the Berg River. Child friendly, High safety standards.
Pelican 11, 32 Seater. 1.5 hour River Cruise

Departing from Port Owen Slipway / Riviera Hotel Velddrif. Bring your own refreshments and snacks along!

Bookings: 084 206 6219 (Madelyn) / 079 763 6966 (Tollie)
Tollie's-River-and-Boat-Cruizes Bokkomlaan

Bokkom Laan (Lane) is the home of a small bokkom industry in Velddrif. Bokkoms are Mullet that are salted, then strung into bunches and hung up to dry, almost like a fish biltong. They are unique to this part of the West Coast and every visitor to this area should try them before leaving. Wander along this oldest road in Velddrif where time seems to stand still. Watch the tide come in while the local fisherman ply their trade in the age old way. Sip a cocktail at one of the restaurants or amble along and buy a piece of West Coast art from the local art gallery.
Tollie's-River-and-Boat-Cruizes Rocherpan Nature Reserve

Rocherpan is a coastal nature reserve teeming with birds and colourful wildflowers. The reserve, which lies 25km north of Velddrif on the Cape West Coast, consists largely of a seasonal vlei that is usually dry between March and June. Rocherpan was established as a nature reserve (930 hectares in size) in 1966, and the adjacent section of the Atlantic Ocean was declared a marine reserve in 1988 (150 hectares in size).

Spring ushers in a mass of wild flowers that turn the reserve into a burst of colour, and one can spot numerous small mammals like the water mongoose and the odd duiker. Two bird hides and a number of picnic sites make heading here for the better part of a day a thoroughly good idea.

Rocherpan has two short hiking trails, one along the beach and one along the vlei. Both offer stunning views and the chance to see the areas rich birdlife. There are two well-laid hiking paths through the reserve. Both are relatively easy walks taking no longer than four hours each.

Visit www.capenature.co.za/reserves/rocherpan-nature-reserve/ for more information.

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